The Last Listening!
Congratulations! You made it to the final listening activity! Click the link below to listen to Dynamo Nashville's "Clusterfunk" and complete the form by Friday, May 15th at 4 p.m.
Name, Grade (ie. Sam Smith, 6th)
After listening to most of the song, how would you categorize this music? What genre(s) might be represented in this piece?
Name some of the instruments that you see and hear improvising/soloing within the song. If you do not know what an instrument is called, try describing it (what it looks like, the sound it makes, etc.)
Describe how this music makes you feel (emotions, thoughts, etc.)
Two of the keyboard players in this group sit side-by-side as you see in the video. What is the role of each of these keyboard players? Listen and watch closely to determine how each contributes to the ensemble/band.
Communication is key when playing in an ensemble like this one. How do you think the band members communicate with one another in order to stay together and move from section to section of the song? (example: moving from the solo section back to the melody)
Did you like this piece?
Clear selection
Continue listening to music outside of class to explore new genres that challenge your ears! So many outstanding pieces are waiting to be heard and I guarantee you will find one that you love!
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