The Making it Work Survey
In support of my coaching practice, I am researching different approaches and attitudes towards balancing career and family. I am interested in experiences from expecting parents, new parents, parents of expanding families, and more experienced parents. If you have any questions, please contact me at
Are you a mom or a dad? *
How many children do you have? *
Which of the following best describes you? *
Are you currently working in addition to parenting? *
If so, what do you do?
Are you the primary breadwinner in your family?
How would you describe your parenting arrangement?
How satisfied are you with your current balance of work, family, and other aspects of your life? *
Very unsatisfied
Extremely satisfied
What have been your most difficult struggles in balancing family and career?
What are your top priorities in your life right now?
What strategies have you implemented to make it all work?
What does the little tape recorder in your head always re-play?
This refers to the little voice in your head that reminds you about where you're falling short, are unhappy, hard on yourself, etc.
If you're working outside the home, how passionate and committed do you feel about your career? Why?
What are the most present constraints in your life?
Please tell me more about any of the constraints you listed above.
What are you doing to work with these constraints?
What have you learned about the balancing act that you think others might benefit from?
May I follow up with you to learn more about your expiences?
If you answered yes above, please provide your name, contact details, and the best time to get in touch.
Do you have a story or an example of how you make it work? If so, please share!
May I use your answers, in an anonymous way, on my blog and website? *
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