2024 MLSD Topic Suggestion Form
For our third CASC/CGA Mock Legislative Session Day, set for late 2024, CASC will be selecting and debating 5-8 topics. The CASC Committee on Legislative Affairs has already gathered numerous ideas for these topics and is seeking additional input from students across the state for topics.
To ensure the success of the 2024 MLSD, the proposed topic should be debatable and relevant to the state of Connecticut. This form will close for submissions to the CGA on July 1st.
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Please provide a topic paragraph with rationale and solution.  

Example:: "High School Students in Connecticut have 20 minutes for lunch. In that time, they are expected to consume adequate nutrition to fuel them for the remainder of the day and to make new friendships and maintain current social relationships. This amount of time is not sufficient to accomplish these goals. As a result students experience stress, which impacts their grades. The lack of time to develop strong social relationships impacts student mental health. 


We are requesting an expanded lunch for all Connecticut high school students to a minimum of 30 minutes not to exceed 45 minutes. This expanded time will allow students to complete a full meal and interact socially to build and sustain relationships."

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