OHS Cambridge Application for 2021-2022
For Students New to Cambridge at Overton in '21-'22. Current Overton Cambridge Students Need Not Re-Apply. Overton is not an open-zone school. You must be zoned to OHS or get a special transfer from MNPS to attend.
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School You Attended in 2020-2021 School Year *
School You Attended in 2020-2021 If Not Named Above
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I understand that the Cambridge Program is a highly challenging, advanced academics program and that Cambridge students must maintain high academic standards, be self-motivated, and have strong study habits. *
I agree to maintain academic honesty and integrity and to follow the guidelines and expectations of the Cambridge Program. *
Essay - You must write and email a 350-450 word essay response to ONE of the following questions: #1 - Discuss a significant obstacle or challenge you have encountered in your life. How did you work to overcome the obstacle or meet the challenge? OR #2 - Why do you wish to join the Cambridge Program at Overton? Discuss several reasons. Email your responses to james.trotter@mnps.org. Be sure to include your name and "Cambridge Essay" in the subject line. This is due on or before February 12, 2021. *
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