NW Yoga Feast Teacher Application
Thank you for your interest in the Northwest Yoga Feast! This form is for any TEACHER (yogi, musician, artist, performer, healer) who would like to present their work at the Feast on July 20-22, 2018. Please fill out this form and upload the required links and PDFs by December 1st. The Eureka Institute will respond with your employment details by January 1st.
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Our Teachers understand that as a nonprofit, The Eureka Institute requires all teachers to share Yoga Feast events via social media and continually support the development of NWYF.
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Describe your teaching involvement in your local yoga community, including studio names. How often do you teach? How long have you been involved?
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Please provide a 3-5 sentence workshop description for your offering at Northwest Yoga Feast. If you have more than one offering, provide descriptions in separate paragraphs.
NWYF may have a theme next year. Last year's theme was "wild and free". What is ONE theme that is relevant in your local yoga community currently?
If we are unable to offer you a teaching position, would you be interested in work-trade with our Street Team or Food Ceremony Team?
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