Chametz Sale 2018/5778
We are providing a service through Washington Square Minyan to sell your chametz for the entirety of Pesach and thus avoid the prohibition of owning any chametz over the holiday. Complete this form to authorize Eli Gurock to sell your chametz. Typing your name and the date on the bottom of the form is equal to signing it.

Please note that the DEADLINE TO SUBMIT THIS FORM IS THURSDAY, MARCH 29th at noon.

I, *
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who reside at *
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declare the following chametz to be in my ownership: *
(give location, room and separate address if necessary):
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including all chametz that is unknown to me that is either on my person, in my possession, or not in my possession but in my ownership, especially chametz that tends to harden and to adhere to the surface of pans, pots, or other cooking or eating utensils, of whatever nature.
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