Swift Summit CfP (Call for Papers)- San Francisco 2017
The Swift Summit CfP for 2017 is now closed. All applicants can expect to receive a reply on their proposals between the 8th-15th of September.

Swift Summit is a 2 day, independently organised conference for the Swift Programming language.

The next Swift Summit will take place in San Francisco, on the 30th & 31st of October, 2017.

The primary goal of the conference is to bring the attendees together, turning a room full of experts sharing a common interest into a real community. The secondary goal of the conference is for every attendee, regardless of their skill level, to leave with new ideas that they can use to be better Swift developers.

With this in mind, talks should strive to be inclusive of a variety of skill levels. While beginners won't always be able to follow all discussions, good talks strive to simplify ideas rather than complicate them.

We will prioritize talks that are new and unique and that haven't been presented at another major event previously.

Session lengths are currently scheduled in as:
- 10 minutes (for flash talks)
- 25 minutes (standard talk session)

Please note that speakers will be asked to provide a Creative Commons Attribution license or similar to conference organizers so that talk videos may be professionally edited and distributed online post-conference.

If you are submitting multiple talk proposals, please resubmit a new form each time.

Talk topics can be discussed and modified after the WWDC, if needed.

*Before submitting a talk proposal, please do read our Code of Conduct- https://www.swiftsummit.com/codeofconduct

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