English as a Lingua Franca and the ‘native speaker’ debate:practical classroom ideas for English teachers with Marek Kiczkowiak
When: Sunday 22nd January 10am-1pm
Where: ILTC 28 Rue Louis Guérin, 69628 Villeurbanne http://bit.ly/2hQI1dZ

It is taken for granted that students prefer ‘native speaker’ teachers. It is also taken for granted that students
prefer and should aspire to learn ‘native-like’ English. And as a result, the ‘native speaker’ is seen as not only
a better language model, but also a better teacher. However, this really reflect our students’ language goals
and needs?
We won’t know until we ask them.
So in this 3-hour session we will discuss:
1. English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) is and why it is important for ELT;
2. Raising students’ awareness of the global nature of English;
3. The myths concerning ‘native’ and ‘non-native speaker’ teachers;
4. Recruitment policies in ELT vs. the qualities and skills of effective teachers;
5. Teaching pronunciation and how we can help learners be more intelligible in international settings;
6. Using non-native speakers as valid models of the English language;
7. Adapting your course book to suit the ELF perspective
By the end of the session you will have a better understanding of ELF and its practical implications for ELT. You will
learn how to help learners improve their pronunciation and why ‘non-native speakers’ can also be good models of the
English language. You will also walk away with an array of ideas and classroom activities aiming to move towards a
more lingua franca and international view of the English language.Marek has taught English in 7 countries and currently works as an EAP lecturer in KU Leuven, Belgium. He holds a BA in English, CELTA, DELTA and is currently
doing a PhD in TESOL. He co-authors ELT podcasts at www.theteflshow.com and advocates professional equality between ‘native’ and ‘non-native speakers’ at www.teflequityadvocates.com. He frequently presents at international conferences
and gives teacher training sessions focusing on ELF and native speakerism. Apart from face-to-face sessions, he also delivers online courses at http://tefl-equity-courses.teachable.com

This event is free to TESOL France members, non-members registration fee is €8.
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