C++ undefined behaviour survey
In preparation for the session C++ and Safety at CppOnSea 2023, we are conducting a survey on the perceived impact of undefined behaviour in C++ (such as out-of-bounds access, dangling pointers, race conditions, uninitialised variables, signed integer overflow, etc.)

If you develop software in C++, please help us by filling in this survey – it's anonymous and you only need to answer three simple questions. Thank you for your participation!

If you work for multiple companies or on multiple unrelated C++ projects, please feel free to fill out the survey separately for each one.

For the questions below, as much as possible please consider only undefined behaviour specific to C++, not other sources of software bugs such as logic errors that could also have occurred in a memory-safe programming language.
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For your C++ codebase, how much effort and resources do you spend on mitigating undefined behaviour during development (such as by using static analysers and sanitisers, enforcing strict coding guidelines, or other measures)? *
For your C++ codebase, how much negative impact do you experience from undefined behaviour that you failed to mitigate during development (such as by crashes in production, security vulnerabilities, etc.)? *
What sector or industry does your C++ code base target? Select all that apply. If you'd rather not say, just skip this question.
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