Community Event Assistance Request
Bristol CERT is available to assist with traffic control, communications, and even staff an informational and/or first aid booth at community events. While staffing booths we also have information available to hand out to the public on disaster preparedness. This ranges from coloring and activity books for children to brochures and checklists for the rest of us. If you'd like our presence at your event please fill in and submit the below form. Upon receiving your submission we will check to see if we have enough volunteers to assist during the times on the date requested, and get back to you. Thanks for considering us as part of your event.
Name of your Event? *
Event Location? *
So we can show up at the right location.
What is the date of your event? *
With this handy piece of information we can check our schedule.
What are the hours of the event for the attending public? *
So we can be prepared for when the crowds arrive and have an idea when their numbers will dwindle.
What are the hours that you'd like Bristol CERT to be present for? *
This way we can check our member's schedules for availabilty.
Event Description *
Please describe your event, particular goals we can assist in, etc. (safety fair for children where we staff a booth vs a car show where we assist with traffic, vs communication support along a parade route)
Please provide details on how you'd like Bristol CERT to assist? *
The number of traffic control locations, number of crowd control locations, booth request: first aid, informational, safety awareness/disaster preparedness, combo of the above. - This helps us determine how many of our members need to be available and what supplies to bring.
Your name: *
So we know what to call you when we get in touch with you
Your email address: *
So we can reply back to you
Your phone number:
So we can call with any questions we might have.
What is the latest date you'd like to hear back from us on whether or not Bristol CERT has the staff available to assist you with your event? *
This keeps you informed and also provides us a cut-off day for our signup sheets when checking member availability
For events that go beyond Bristol CERT just educating the public while staffing a booth, we ask that a copy of the event insurance rider is provided to us, showing Bristol CERT members are covered under the event insurance, *
Our volunteers don't plan on getting run over, but being covered when directing traffic all day is required.
Can you get a map of the event area to us, marked off with where you'd like Bristol CERT to be located for assistance, at least 3 weeks prior to the event? *
Is there free booth space available to us to interact with the public? *
Will you be providing food for our team? *
If not that's ok, but then we want to make sure our folks bring their own tasty treats to stay nourished.
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