TNB Member Application 2023-2024
Student at any Arlington County High School (public or private) 14-18 years old

The Teen Network Board (TNB) is a group of high school students who strive to:
• Strengthen teen voice in the community
• Provide a teen perspective on school and community issues
• Make a positive difference in Arlington

Teens meet in groups that address specific issues such as drugs and alcohol, positive peer relations, teen employment/volunteer/community service options for teens. They develop strategies on how to make changes in their community and implement the strategies through meetings, planning sessions, and presentations to the County Board and middle school youth; this includes other county government agencies and community groups.

Appointed Members: Appointed members of the Teen Network Board are limited to *24* teens. Appointed members must have been on the TNB one year. They have the opportunity to be elected into leadership positions by their peers to serve one year as co-chairs of the TNB or to serve as subcommittee chairs for one year. Appointed members have the right to vote on items brought forth by committees and the leadership. All appointed members MUST attend 15 out of 18 scheduled meetings. They are strongly encouraged to attend all meetings.

General Members: General members of the Teen Network Board are not limited by number. They are allowed to participate in all general meetings and encouraged to join a subcommittee. They will work with all the members on projects and recommendations that the TNB undertakes. There is no attendance requirement for general members but they are invited and encouraged to attend all meetings.

Contact: Esan Fullington - Youth Outreach Coordinator
2100 Washington Blvd. Suite 300 Arlington, VA 22204
Direct Line: 703-228-1506
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Teen Network Board Participation
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Promote TNB through Facebook/social media
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Attend Conferences
Participate in Focus Groups
Serve as the Co-Chair of TNB (Returning, Appointed Members only)
Serve as a Committee Chair (Returning, Appointed Members only)
Short Answer Questions
1. Why do you want to be a member of the Teen Network Board? *
2. What skills will you be able to bring to the Teen Network Board? *
3. How did you hear about the Teen Network Board? *
School announcement, personal recommendation,, etc.
Adult References
Please list two non-family member adult references who can speak about your desire to make an impact in the community or about special that skills you possess.
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Confirmation of Authenticity
I certify that the statements made on this application and all supporting materials are true and accurate. I have also read and understand the time commitments and responsibilities of the position outlined in the descriptions.  
By checking the box below, I agree to the Confirmation of Authenticity outlined above. *
Parental/Guardian Consent
I give my child permission to participate as a member of the Arlington Teen Network Board. I release the Partnership for Children, Youth, and Families, individual volunteers and staff, and Arlington County Government from all liability relating to Teen Network Board activities.
By checking the box below, I agree to the Parental/Guardian Consent outlined above. *
Photo Release *
Parental/Guardian Transportation Consent
The Teen Network Board hosts and attends events outside of its biweekly meetings. These include but are not limited to regularly scheduled meetings, trainings, conferences, panel discussions and other identified activities included in the membership/participation of TNB. Events may be located in bordering states or counties. *
Emergency Contact
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Statement of Commitment (Required for Appointed Members)
The Teen Network Board will provide the following to its members throughout their term:
  •  Respect for your opinions
  •  Engage you in meaningful activities that allow you to develop and learn new skills
  •  Relay important information to you in a timely manner
  •  Meetings will follow the school schedule and dates will be made available at the beginning of the year.

The TNB Youth Member agrees to complete the following throughout his/her term:
  •  Participate in at least 15 out of 18 meetings
  •  Attend meetings regularly and provide suggestions, ideas, and opinions to the team
  •  Serve on one of the committees
  •  Check and respond to email regularly and promptly
  •  Work to promote the mission of the TNB to others in the community
  •  Help the team to define, monitor, and reflect on the implementation of our mission statement

The TNB understands that scheduling conflicts with meetings and/or special events may occur throughout the TNB Youth Member’s term. When necessary, the youth will inform the team of his/her scheduling conflicts by notifying the Co-Chairs ahead of time.
By checking the box below, I certify that I have read and agree to the Statement of Commitment outlined above.
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