ASAP & Workhouse Arts Center Workshop Series Application
ASAP is partnering with the Workhouse Arts Center to offer a two-session, visual arts workshop series free for veterans, service members, military families, and caregivers. The Workhouse Arts Center believes that an art education is necessary to an individual’s perception and understanding of the world in which we live and provides art instruction that helps develop basic art skills, encourage visual awareness, and promote intellectual growth and creative self-expression

Their program allows every student to increase positive attitudes towards self, others, and the environment through creative experiences. Upon completing a workshop with ASAP and Workhouse, participants are encouraged to enroll in the myriad arts classes and workshops available through the Workhouse Arts Center.

We have outlined the details for the two session workshop series in the sections below. Please review each workshop opportunity. You may select your workshop preference when applying below.


Saturday, March 9th from 1 PM - 5 PM

Long and short exposure workshop -

If a shutter speed is just a number to you then here is your opportunity to learn its role in exposure and delve into the mysterious effects it can have on your photography. Shutter speed controls motion within your image. How you creatively use this control has a huge effect on the quality of your images. This hands on workshop begins with a tutorial on shutter speeds and their relationship with aperture and ISO and then evolves into hands-on experiments with very long and very short exposures. With long exposures we will show the beautiful shapes that motion can create. Then we change to high speed photography and push your camera’s boundaries in an attempt to capture a sharp image of a balloon bursting. Students are required to bring a camera that has manual settings as an option. Tripods and shutter release cables are recommended. Simple plans for the device used for high speed photography will be provided so students can recreate these experiments at home. Please keep in mind that ALL participants must bring/have working knowledge of their own DSLR camera.

Saturday, April 6th, from 1 PM - 4 PM

Make your windows twinkle with handmade fused glass suncatchers! This three hour workshop gives a quick introduction to kilnformed glass including scoring, nipping, grinding and fusing. You will create multiple suncatchers of your own design! They make great gifts! Pieces will be ready for pick up 2-3 days after workshop.

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