Film Submittal Form Greenmotions 2018
Film submissions for Greenmotions Film Festival 2018 can be done by filling in this form. The festival is open to films of all production techniques, including animation, documentary, drama, experimental or artist film and hybrid work from low to high budgets.All films should be solution oriented towards the current and future environmental problems. The movies which are inspirational, empowering to take action and giving tools how to involve in change towards a more sustainable life are preferred. Problem focused movies without given solutions will not be accepted. The movies can focus on one or more of the environmental or sustainability topics. This may include: recycling, agriculture / agriculture transition, energy / energy transition, green economy / green business, green tech / green design, sustainable mobility, sustainable cities, sustainable consumption, biodiversity, degrowth, slow food, renewable energies, the energy transition and/or climate change.

Furthermore, this year our special prize will revolve around the “Millennials”(born between early 1980s and later) that have grown up constantly connected to the world on a global scale (through digital technology, social media and economic globalisation) and their relationship with the ongoing challenges facing humanity with a focus on climate change and environmental issues.
As a way to open a window into this paradigm, 2018’s special prize will be awarded to films that visually and cinematically explore questions such as:
-How do Millennials view society, our changing planet and our current economic system?
-How are they engaging themselves within the ongoing situation? Are they engaged or detached?
-How are they utilising new tools like social media to CONNECT and ACT?
-How are Millennials dealing with what is required from them emotionally, mentally, and within communities?
Potential topics are: Energy, consumption, media, inspiring transition (social and environmental), community, water.

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