Irish International Immigrant Center Irish Work and Travel Exchange Visitor Program 2018 Questionnaire
The program is for Irish citizens who are current university students who have been enrolled for at least 2 years or graduates within one year of their final lecture/module completion.

Participants come to the United States, for up to 12 months maximum, to work at a job related to their area of study.
Pre-placement is not required for individuals applying for the J-1 IWT Exchange Visitor visa.

In order to determine eligibility for the program, please complete the questionnaire. This questionnaire is the first step towards applying for visa sponsorship from the Irish International Immigrant Center.

NOTE: Visa eligibility requirements have seen significant changes in 2018 and we cannot guarantee what those requirements will be for 2019. Therefore anyone interested in applying for the year long Irish Work and Travel Exchange Visitor program should proceed without delay and travel in 2018. We advise you to inquire and (if eligible) apply as soon as possible after receiving your results.

Costs are as follows:
IIIC sponsorship fee - $1050 ($300 deposit followed later by a $750 balance)
-This is the only fee you pay to us.
SEVIS fee - $180
U.S. Embassy fee - $160
Health Insurance (approx $200)

Email address *
Please note: This will be the primary form of contact throughout the application process and visa duration. University email addresses ARE NOT ACCEPTED.
Have you been in touch with the IIIC in the last year? *
If yes, please provide your email that you used to previously communicate with us if different from the email listed above.
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