Support CCP Faculty & Staff: Educator Call-In Days for a Fair Contract- Thursday 2/21 & Friday 2/22
As Philadelphia educators, we understand the struggle of faculty and staff at Community College of Philadelphia to create a high quality learning environment, one that allows young people in Philly to achieve their dreams despite the many obstacles they face. CCP Faculty and Staff are fighting for the college that their students deserve- but the CCP Administration is seeking to cut faculty, increase course loads, and reduce healthcare and benefits for employees. They have gone over 2 years without a contract, and now CCP’s President is seeking to impose a contract that we all know will harm students, faculty and staff, and the college overall.

In Philly’s public schools, we understand the struggle of constantly being asked to do more with less, over and over again (especially after going 4 years without a contract). This constant “death by a thousand cuts” leads to burnout, mental health issues, and high rates of staff turnover- issues which in turn harms the students who most need the support. CCP educators teach more students than other area community colleges, leaving them with less time to give each student. When students seek out the critical support they need from other resources -like counselors, advisors, and librarians- the administration refuses to hire sufficient support faculty.

Alongside faculty, the union at CCP represents support staff who are often on the front lines of helping students navigate many aspects of college life, including financial aid and course registration. Staff are sometimes the first people students meet when they arrive on campus, and allow students to count on safe and clean buildings at CCP. The union is demanding real raises and living wages for staff, some of whom have worked full-time at CCP for 20 years and still qualify for food stamps. We also know that all of these pressures and strains disproportionately impact faculty and staff of color, at a time when research has shown that educators of color play a key role in helping students succeed and stay in school.

Philly educators know that it’s students lose out if faculty and staff at CCP cannot win the fair contracts that make a vibrant and meaningful education possible. For this reason, we stand in solidarity with CCP Faculty and Staff in their fight for a fair contract. The teacher uprisings and #Red4Ed movement across the country have shown that when we stand together to fight for our students, colleagues, and communities- we can win the quality public education that our city needs.

As part of CCP Faculty and Staff's "Show CCP Some Love" Campaign this week, please help us support CCP Faculty and Staff by calling and emailing CCP! You will find all the information and short points you can make. After calling, please fill out the quick form below so that we know how many calls were made.


1) Numbers to call (pick 1 or both!)
College President Dr. Generals: 215-751-8028 /
Board Chair Jeremiah White: 215-635-1950

2) "Good morning/afternoon, I am an educator in Philadelphia and I'm calling today to ask that you to negotiate a fair contract with CCP Faculty and Staff." Feel free to personalize by saying your school or any other relevant information.

3) Give the person on the phone any information they ask for.

4) Feel free to add any of the following points:

-Course Loads & Class Sizes: CCP Faculty and Staff already teach more students than other area community colleges. CCP Students deserve small class sizes, with educators who have the time and energy to devote to them.

-Support Staff: The CCP Faculty and Staff are proposing to the number of counselors, advisors, faculty tutors, and librarians at the college. Students need more time with these support staff, not less.

-Fair Wages: All CCP Faculty and Staff deserve a fair and living wage that allows them to thrive. We must raise the wages of all CCP faculty and staff.

-Respect CCP's Hardworking Faculty and Staff: Successful institutions of education foster healthy climates that value their educators, staff, and their input. CCP Faculty and Staff deserve autonomy and respect in their work.

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