Huobi Labuan P2P OTC Merchant Application
Thank you for your interest in Huobi Labuan's Global P2P Merchants Program.
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*You can find your UID in the accounts section in the top right corner after you've login to your Huobi Labuan's Account.
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Net Worth of your Digital Assets (数字资产折合) (BTC) *
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Brief Intro. of your assets (包含数字资产投资及资产情况介绍) *
Kindly brief us the portfolio of your investment on digital assets
Your risk control strategies (个人资产及风控策略情况介绍) (Optional/选填)
Please let us know if you have any suggestions for the P2P platform. (如果您对P2P平台有任何建议,请告诉我们)
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