SJHA Coaches Application Part 2
Thank you for completing Part 1 of the coaches application. Part 2 is an opportunity to display your coaching style, creativity, passion for hockey, and more. Please take your time working through Part 2 and make it your own. Your answers will be read carefully and will be referenced when we assign coaches for the 2021-2022 season. If you do not have an answer, be honest. No one is expected to be an expert coach.

This will be due by the beginning of August.
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Section A- A little about you
Why do you want to coach hockey? Why is hockey important to you? What have you learned from your previous coaching experiences? *
Tell us about a time when a coach, teacher, or leader made a positive impact on you. Why was this moment important? How do you embody that as a coach and educator for your players? *
Section B- Coaching Approach
How do you design age/skill specific objectives for player development for the length of the season? How do you communicate said objectives to players and parents? *
How do you intentionally implement opportunities for growth for your players in practices, games, and beyond? How do you measure mastery of objectives and communicate progress regularly to players? How do you plan to individualize your instruction to meet every player where they are at (learning style, language barrier, skill, exposure to hockey, etc.)? *
How do you handle conflict between players? What are your progressive discipline steps? How do you communicate disciplinary actions to parents to mitigate further conflict? *
Section C- Leadership and Education
This upcoming season coaches from consecutive age divisions will be asked to collaborate with one another to create curriculum. What is your most effective style of communication? In what setting do you collaborate and work with others most efficiently? *
The most successful coaches and educators are always seeking to learn more. How do you plan to continue learning more about hockey, coaching, leadership, communication, and education? What resources do you need from SJHA to meet your goals for continuing eduction? *
What are your basic strengths and weaknesses as a coach, educator, and leader? What are your personal goals for growth in the upcoming season? *
What improvements, in your opinion, can SJHA make specifically for coaches in the upcoming season? *
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