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Would you like more information on our Results Guarantee Program where you are guaranteed to lose 15 - 20lbs in 12 weeks or we keep coaching you for FREE until you do? It can be done at home or taken on the go to any gym (hotels, local gym, etc,) with custom workouts, meal plan and 1-on-1 accountability. CLICK HERE: https://calendly.com/wfob/it-s-time-to-take-care-of-you *
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Thank you for completing the survey! WAIT: DON'T FORGET: Please click the link: https://calendly.com/wfob/it-s-time-to-take-care-of-you to schedule your follow up session so we chat to review your responses and find the best program for you! Feel free to share any additional below. Also, be sure and check your email for something special just from me!
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