2019 Volunteer Registration for 5 Days for the Homeless
Are you interested in helping out an amazing cause and making a difference in your community?

5 Days for the Homeless (5 Days) takes place over a five day and night period, commencing at 5:00pm on Sunday, March 17th and concluding at 5:00pm on Friday, March 22nd. Five University of Regina students will spend five days and nights living outside on the University of Regina campus. Throughout this event, the outdoor participants forgo the use of common necessities such as showering, basic grooming, and shelter. The public must donate the food that is consumed by the participants. The participants will bring mindfulness to the issues surrounding homelessness as they share their experiences as to what it is like to live in someone else’s shoes.

The 5 Days for the Homeless campaign will need as many volunteers as possible to reach our $55,000 goal. All proceeds that we collect during the week will be directly donated to Carmichael Outreach.

A volunteer position may include: setting up a donation table, collecting donations, walking around the university asking for donations, educating and sharing awareness on our cause, and cleaning up a donation table.

So grab a friend and join us March 17th-22nd to help us raise money for Carmichael Outreach! If you have questions, please email Amy Pilon at uofr5daysvolunteer@gmail.com.

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As a volunteer of 5 Days for the Homeless, I will support the mission, vision, and values of the campaign, promote and create awareness about homelessness in Regina, act in the best interests of the organization and represent the University of Regina, support the 5 outdoor participants, promote the campaign leading up to the events, and raise all matters of concern with the volunteer coordinator (Amy Pilon) or the event co-chairs (Aubrie Houk, Caitlyn Bilan and Kelly Phiri). *
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