STEM World On-site Guided Learning 2020 Waitlist
Over the past few weeks, we have received a number of requests from parents for an on-site, safe learning environment for their children during the school year.

We have heard you and want to help with your needs. We appreciate how difficult it can be to properly supervise and support a child doing online school work at home, especially for working parents.

In response to this need, we are proposing to offer an On-site Guided Learning service for students aged 5 – 9.

At this stage, we wish to gain a clearer sense of the demand for this service. We ask that you reserve your space on our wait list to indicate a genuine interest. This will reserve your spot, and allow us to proceed with this on-site service.

Students will receive:

* expert supervision and guidance to complete their online school classes and assignments
* top-level facilities and resources, including high-speed internet and a range of other materials
* essential, safe social interaction with other children their own age
*additional enrichment activities in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math)

The safety protocols that have been effective during our summer camps will, of course, continue. These include wearing face masks, use of plastic desk shields, physical distancing and frequent hand-sanitizing.

Numbers will be strictly limited to a maximum of 10 for each ½ day session. We recommend that you register your interest soon.

For any questions, please email

Stay safe,

The STEM World Team
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FULL DAY (8:00 AM - 4:00 PM)
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Full Day Half Day
5 days/week - $375 5 days/week - $200
4 days/week - $300 4 days/week - $160
3 days/week - $225 3 days/week - $120
2 days/week - $150 2 days/week - $80
1 day/week - $75 1 day/week - $40
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