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Please answer the short questions below thoughtfully and honestly. We would like to get to know you better! Thank you for your support of our mission!
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In your opinion, what are factors that make communities thrive?
In your answer, please describe three specific tactics you would take to allow members to more easily connect with one another within Impact Hub.
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Please describe your past customer service experience.
This could include past jobs, volunteer engagements, etc.
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With as much transparency as possible, describe what you'd like to achieve in the next four months, and how Impact Hub can help you reach those goals.
In other words, what is your work and purpose?
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What aspect of this position do you foresee will be the most difficult for you?
Time commitment, talking to new people, helping keep the space up and running, arriving on time, etc.
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What aspect of this position excites you the most?
Take a second to look at our website (, our About page, and our Calendar of Events, too! Maybe even consider a Trial Day so you can work from the space for a day (
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I understand that being a Host includes a lot of customer service + operational support. *
Community begins with an amazing space. Hosts help us keep it clean, functional, and helpful to members!
Being an Impact Hub host is a 4 month work/trade commitment. Does this work for you? *
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What would be your 1st, 2nd and third choice for shifts? Keep in mind, you will be committing to 2 shifts. *
Shifts are Monday - Friday from 7:55 am -12:35pm and 12:25 - 5pm?
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