Purchase Order Form
Please provide a copy of the receipt to our bookkeepers, Naomi Beers or Kim Strahan. A reimbursement check will not be provided to you without a copy of the receipt. If you have questions about reimbursement, please see Monty Blakkolb, Treasurer at New Life Church.
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Please includes items being purchase and the purpose for the purchase.
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Please list the vendor, amount, and address the check needs to be sent to if applicable. Please put each vendor on a separate line.
Sample Format: Bob's Ministry Barn - 1234 Holy Ghost Alley, Santa Ana, CA 77777 OR Target in Aurora OR Amazon.com
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Method of Payment
Important Note About Reimbursements
If you are planning to get reimbursed, please remember the following:

- PO’s are required before the purchase is made. Items purchased without an approved purchase order will not be reimbursed.
- In most situations, it should not be expected for the reimbursement to be fulfilled earlier than 2 weeks from the date of submission.
- No reimbursements will be given for an unauthorized (no PO) expense/purchase or for purchases made that do not include a receipt.
- Attach your receipts to your purchase order form.
- Please note that we do not like to reimburse tax. Our tax-exempt forms are easily downloaded. Repeated offenses will result in the tax not be reimbursed for purchases or a loss of purchasing privilege.
- Reimbursement request should be made in a timely fashion. Please do not let reimbursement requests linger more than 30 days.

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