2016-17 Adair County District Parent Survey
Please indicate which school(s) your child/children attend.
Family Resource Youth Service Center
1. Do you need daily child care for a child not yet enrolled in school? (infant-5 years)
2. Do you need childcare for your school aged child? (summer, after-school, before school)
3. I have children in my home that are 3 years old or younger.
4. Have you ever had difficulty supplying your child with necessary school supplies?
5. In the past 6 months, have you had difficulty providing enough food for your family?
6. At this time, does your family have un-met basic needs? (housing, clothing, utilities, etc)
7. My family is currently homeless or we live in very poor housing conditions.
8. Are you currently raising a relative’s child? (Grandchild, niece, nephew, cousin etc.)
9. I need information about community resources and programs that help families.
10. I would like to attend parenting classes or programs to enhance my parenting skills.
11. Alcohol, tobacco and drug use by youth is a problem in Adair County.
12. I expect my child to stay in school and graduate from high school on time.
13. Students need opportunities to learn about jobs, careers, colleges & available trainings.
14. After high school, my child will attend college or get some type of career training.
15. Does someone in your household need adult education services, GED, Adult Education Classes or help with job training for adults?
16. I feel comfortable speaking with Family Resource /Youth Service Center staff if I have a question or concern.
17. On average how many minutes do you spend reading with your child(ren) each week?
18. In your opinion what are the Top 3 "Health Issues" that interfere with student learning.
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