Maui Tiny House Landlord Survey
We believe there may be landowners that have property appropriate to rent out to tiny house tenants. This could be a way to quickly get some revenue from their land before they fulfill on their longer term vision of building a more permanent ohana or main residence. It also of course can help support affordable housing and may be an advantage in simply having someone around in terms of protecting the land and other residence.
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We imagine that one of the advantages of renting to a tiny house tenant would be the minimal commitment. What would the minimum time be that you would need in order to ask a tenant to remove their tiny house? (assuming that you want to move forward with something else on the land or it's simply not working out for you) *
What is the minimum rent (not including utilities if there are any) that you would need to have a tiny house on your property? *
What budget would you be comfortable spending to prepare the lot for a tiny house? (depending on needs..stuff like landscaping, road work, trenching for internet, water catchment..) *
Does the lot feature an ocean view? *
Could a tiny house be shot in such a way that it would feel remote?
Would you be comfortable having the build of a tiny house occur on the property and be filmed?
What do you guess the minimum amount of time the property would be available for assuming a good tenant? *
What parameters and behavior would be important to you from a tenant? (noise level etc...)
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Would you care if they had pet(s)?
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