Who Wants To Be A Heroine Series
Hi, I'm Dina Haynes, author of the Leopards Unleashed Series and the Safety Off Trilogy. I'm working on a new contemporary romance series which promises the ultimate in fan fiction. I want to put YOU in the story. Ever imagined yourself on the arm of the hot guy who makes your heart flutter? Or fantasized about being the girl whose problems get resolved in 300 pages or less?

I'm going to make it happen.

Answer a few questions and I will build an original character based off of YOU. Then enjoy as I set your doppelgänger off on a love-seeking adventure. Who will be the first? Don't worry because this is the beginning of a lo-o-ong series.

As a bonus, all the lucky heroines will receive a signed paperback copy of their completed book.

* Keep in mind, the information you provide is left up to interpretation by the author.
** Adults only, please. Simply fill out the form below to participate. Once you do, you release the author, Dina Haynes, and assign her permission to license and use all information you provide herein in any media, for any purpose, expecting no financial compensation to you by the author or her heirs. You agree that the author, Dina Haynes, has all rights to the information derived from this form and any creative offshoots for perpetuity. This agreement is irrevocable, worldwide and perpetual.

What is the color, length, texture, and style of your hair?
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What is the first name of your character? I'm
(Use your real first name, a nickname, or something else of your choosing.)
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What is your age range?
(Choose "other" if you want an age different from your true one.)
Do you have any identifying marks/characteristics? Please, describe them in detail.
(i.e. tattoos, freckles, piercings, scars...)
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What color are your eyes?
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What ethnicity are you? Please, be specific.
(i.e. multiple ethnicities)
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Pick your closest body type...
Describe one unique thing about yourself.
(It could be a quirk of your personality, an unusual talent, any remarkable physical features, or something you are particularly good at.)
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Last, but not least, describe in physical detail your ideal book boyfriend.
(Comparisons to well-known actors are welcome.)
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Don't forget to provide your email address. If you are chosen, I will use this method to communicate with you.
(I will not share your email address with anyone.)
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