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Please fill out a written form OR complete this survey online (not both) by October 7, 2018.
Our Church is surveying families to assess the role Children's Ministry plays in our church. We'd like all families to participate. Your answers will remain anonymous, so please answer each question honestly and accurately. Thank you for taking a few moments to respond to this important questionnaire.
How long have you been a member of Wilmont Place Baptist Church?
Please rate the following factors according to how they impacted your decision to become part of this church.
Children's Ministry
A Friendly Atmosphere
The Church's Emphasis
Christian Education
The Church Location
Friend or Relative Invitation
Visit by the Minister
Please answer the following questions.
Could this church be a healthy and vibrant church without a children's ministry?
Have you recommended your church's children's ministry to other parents looking for a church or children's ministry?
How many children do you have involved in the church's children's ministry and what are their ages.
Your answer
How involved are you in the children's ministry?
In your opinion, would you say our Children's ministry attendance is:
Please choose the option that best describes your children's involvement in the children's ministry.
Please rate what you think your children enjoy most about the children's ministry.
In your view, what are the three greatest benefits of our children's ministry?
Considering your kids' experience in the children's ministry, what are the two most important things that you want them to walk away with?
When you think of the two most important things you just selected regarding your kids' children's ministry experience, how well would you say that you children's ministry is delivering?
How important would you say the children's ministry is to your kids' day-to-day lives?
How has the children's ministry impacted your family outside of church?
How would you describe your relationship with your child's teachers or children's ministry program?
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