PFC 2019 Artist's Alley Application

Hello! My name is Shino Puppy. As the new Dealer’s Den director for Pine Fur Con 2019, one of my primary goals is to be as fair and transparent as possible to everyone involved: dealers, artists, staff, attendees, our hotel, everyone. To this end, I have crafted the following guidelines for this year’s Artist Alley.

•The primary purpose for your station should be taking and producing commissions and on-the-spot creations. Physical sales, pre-made products, or other items should be limited to the Dealer’s Den.

•The Artist’s Alley application period will run from February 1st to March 1st. Entries MUST be submitted via this Artist’s Alley Application form. Limit one submission per artist. E-mailed, late, or on-site entries will NOT be accepted. No exceptions.

•Within two weeks of the close of registration, all entrants will be contacted with the results. If they are selected, next steps will be provided. If not, you will be added to the wait list if you opted in on your form. In the unlikely event your application is rejected, we will contact you explaining why. Either way, you will not be left in the dark.

•Maximum of one artist per assigned space. Due to space limitations, assistants and/or friends cannot be at the table with you.

•Anything mature (18+), lewd, disturbing, or otherwise not kid-friendly, regardless of if it is purely on display or is available for sale, must be tastefully covered and censored in such a way that a parent accompanying a young child would not disapprove. Such material should only be presented and/or discussed discreetly upon request, and not left in the open at any time. A family-friendly atmosphere must be maintained at all times.

•All applicants will be subject to directors’ panel approval. The confirmation code for the form is pfa9.

•While we will attempt to provide power to each space, we cannot promise there will be outlets available for everyone. Bringing your own USB power bank is recommended. Any music must be quiet, appropriate, and approved by your neighbors.

•While the convention, security, and the hotel staff will do their best to secure the Artist’s Alley, it is ultimately the Artist’s sole responsibility to keep their inventory, tools, and personal belongings safe and secured at all times.

•Be respectful of the fellow artists and con staff around you. It’s a tight space; you’ll have to work closely with your fellow artists and staff. Keep your work space tidy, be mindful of anything that could fall or be bumped, honor the 6-2-1 rule, and above all, remember: we’re a community.

Last but not least, thank you! I look forward to working with you all!
~Shino Puppy

If you have any questions, please reach out to

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