Support for Diversability Mental Health Demands
Dear President Angel and Provost Baird,

We are seeing our peers fight for their life with little support from the University. We have been witnesses to suicide attempts, talked our friends down from suicidal and self-harmful thoughts, and we ourselves have had to wait up to a month for an appointment at the Center for Counseling and Personal Growth. We are afraid for the lives of our friends.

Diversability is a club that brings awareness about accessibility and supports students with “diversabilities” on campus.

Throughout our time at Clark we have seen the administration be reactive, but not proactive in events of crisis. We are afraid that someone will have do die in order for the University take the mental health crisis on campus seriously.

Below are a list of our demands to the University. We hope that you all will implement Clark’s motto and help the students who are suffering most on our campus.

We would like to speak about this issue with us further. Please set up a meeting with us within the next 2 weeks.

Members of Diversability and those who stand by us

Demands - We would like the university’s aid to...
-- Implement the system “Protocol”, which is a hotline for students in emotional crisis where a person can talk them through it or contact the emergency services; and advertise this service well to the student body
-- Raise the cap of six appointments at the Center for Counselling and Personal Growth
-- Bring in people to do Neuro-Psych exams at no/low cost to students, this eliminates privilege associated with the price of having the test done, therefore will help students get their needed accommodations through SAS
-- Increase the number of staff at Center for Counseling and Personal Growth, including hiring another psychiatrist
-- Provide transportation to off-campus Counselling and Psychiatry resources
-- Introduce therapy-based groups, such as Cognitive-Behavioral therapy and Dialectical-Behavioral therapy, in addition to our current talk-based therapists
-- Add aspect of accessibility and disability to orientation
-- Acknowledge the presence of mental health issues on campus

-- In the 2016-2017 academic year CPG saw 523 students. 99 of them were suicidal.
-- Nationally over the past five years, college counseling centers have seen a 30 percent increase in student visits. At Clark there increase was 57 percent.
-- In Kersting’s first academic year at CPG, 2012-2013, the center saw a total of 333 students. In Fall 2017 alone, they saw approximately 435 students in one semester.
-- Over half of the students that go to CPG have thoughts of ending their life

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