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On Wednesday, April 20, 2022, a virtual community event was held to share updates on the Bethlehem Pedestrian Bridge Feasibility Study, answer questions, solicit community feedback, and facilitate discussion. The study will be wrapping up in the coming weeks, with the identification of a preferred scheme. If you missed the presentation, or would like to provide additional feedback or comments, please use the form below.

Your comments and feedback are so important as we finalize this process through the selection of a preferred scheme!

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Summary: 4 Guiding Principles
1. A Catalyst for Vitality
Form a welcoming gateway that harnesses the city’s hotels, restaurants, historic sites, artistic and musical venues, and recreational assets to boost economic vitality citywide.

2. Sustainable + Resilient
Demonstrate and inspire a more sustainable lifestyle by fostering a walkable city, integrating renewable sources of materials and energy into the bridge, and strengthening connections between people and nature.

3. A Cultural Canvas
The connection should be a destination that is both iconic and distinctly Bethlehem, reflecting the city’s history and artistic culture, and designed as a canvas to support programs and events from one side to the other.

4. Safe + Well-Connected
Create a connection across the Lehigh River between the North and South sides that safely accommodates a full range of users (cyclists, scooters, wheelchairs, pedestrians), filling in a vital link in the regional trail network and connecting multiple points of interest in the city.
Alternative 1: Center + New to Webster
Alternative 2: Center + New to Webster
Alternative 3: Center + New to Polk
3 Alternatives
QUESTION 1: Of the 3 Alternatives, which one do you think reflects the 4 Guiding Principles the best? *
QUESTION 2: Do you think the preferred alternative should... Have shared-use lanes or dedicated pedestrian/bike lanes? *
QUESTION 3: Do you think the preferred alternative should... Extend to Webster St or Polk St on the Southside? *
QUESTION 4: Do you think the preferred alternative should... Incorporate a Riverwalk on Sand Island, or over the Lehigh River? *
QUESTION 5: Lastly... Do you have a Preferred Alternative? (Please only select 1 option) *
What are we missing? Please use this space to provide any additional comments, questions, or feedback for us to consider as we move to finalize this Feasibility Study process, and identify a preferred alternative:
Thank you so much for your time and feedback!
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