WLA Quiz 0
This quiz is anonymous and will help you analyze what you already know about writing good multiple-choice questions. Correct answers will be shown when you submit your answers below.

Write Learning Assessments course information: https://app.ruzuku.com/courses/37802/about.
A valid assessment is one that: (select the correct answer) *
What should the stem of each multiple-choice question include? (select the best answer) *
Above all else, distractors must be written so they are: (select the best answer) *
Reliability is an important attribute of multiple-choice questions because: (Select the correct answer) *
What is the optimal number of answer choices for a multiple-choice question, according to research? (Select the best answer) *
Should we use "none of the above" as an answer choice for multiple-choice questions? (Select the correct answer) *
A reliable assessment is one that: (select the correct answer) *
Which of these writing tactics makes multiple-choice questions too easy to guess? (Select the best answer.) *
Why is it important to write multiple-choice questions at the same level as the learning objective? (select the best answer) *
When should learning assessments optimally be chosen and designed? (select the correct answer) *
Which of these assessment types help us analyze if desired learning outcomes were met? (select the correct answer) *
Why do we want our learning assessments to be valid? (select the best answer) *
How do we determine which learning objectives are appropriate for specific instruction? (select the best answer) *
Well-written learning objectives are needed to write good multiple-choice questions because:(select best correct answer) *
How do we figure out which learning objectives to include? (select the correct answer) *
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