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All volunteers must conduct their service in such a manner and with such ethics and integrity that no conflict of interest, real or implied could be constructed. It is the responsibility of all volunteers to notify Greenhouse management of any possible conflict of interest related to the business of the Greenhouse and any outside interest or activity. The Greenhouse director must be notified so that the Greenhouse can make a decision on whether the outside interest has or hasn’t created a conflict of interest requiring action. All volunteers must dress modestly in clean and comfortable clothing. If possible, business casual attire is preferred. Volunteers should not wear; sleeveless or low-cut shirts, short skirts or shorts, low riding or skin-tight pants, or any graphic that may be offensive or inappropriate. Volunteers are not allowed to shop or select items for their own personal use while helping in the warehouse, food pantry, or the Garden Patch Thrift Store. Volunteers are expected to return at a different time and follow client procedure or shop in the thrift store for any personal items they are requesting. Note: If you ask to purchase an item, you will be asked to leave and reschedule your hours. All volunteers should conduct themselves in a professional manner. The specifically means: A) refraining from cell phone use; B) Follow the procedures to take the 20-minute break provided; C) Refrain from using foul language; D) No flirting, dating, or demonstrations of physical affection should occur between any type of Greenhouse staff or volunteers. Any interaction or conduct that misrepresents Greenhouse Ministries will result in cancellation or revision of the volunteer agreement if necessary. Volunteers who are or may become privy to confidential information shall not disclose such information. I certify that all information given to Greenhouse in writing and verbally is true. I release Greenhouse from any liability for any personal injury or loss incurred during volunteer hours. *
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