APRU Undergraduate Leaders Program 2017
The 10th APRU Undergraduate Leaders Program (formally known as the Undergraduate Summer Program) will take place at the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in Vladivostok Russia, from July 1 - July 12, 2017, with the theme, "“Global Challenges for New Generation in Asia-Pacific Region".

The APRU Undergraduate Leaders Program (ULP) is a program with 40-60 student leaders from multi-disciplinary fields. Generally focusing on the strengths of the host economy and university, leadership development and current relevant topics across the region, the theme of the program differs from year to year.

ULP 2017 aims to allow students from APRU member universities to:

-Enhance the international experience of students from APRU member universities
-Raise students’ awareness on issues affecting the globe in multi-disciplinary and multi-national contexts
-Encourage students to reflect on how they can better fulfil their role as global citizens, and explore innovative ways to tackle the global challenges through concerted efforts

Program activities include theme-related lectures, keynote seminars, workshops, and social and cultural activities which culminate in a final project presentation summarizing their experiences throughout the program. These activities are designed to develop students’ key competencies and leadership skills while providing them with the chance to exchange and interact with other students from the Asia-Pacific region.

This application is open to anyone. However, please take special note of travel requirements in light of the recent executive orders.

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After completing the online application form, the following materials must be delivered to the International Studies Advising office. Application deadline: Friday, March 17, 2017 by 3:30 PM.
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