Wild Fun Travel Credit Card Authorization/Travel Insurance/ Disclosure
*If this Mandatory Form is not filled out, Wild Fun Travel is under no obligation to send you your final booking paperwork.
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*If this Mandatory Form is not filled out, Wild Fun Travel is under no obligation to send you your final booking paperwork.
Wild Fun Travel may cancel your reservation, and if there are any refunds,
(which will be up to the Supplier) then you will be refunded those charges minus there cancellation fees. Per there Cancellation Terms.
Or you will be given a credit by the supplier, as stated in there terms and conditions.

*Wild Fun Travel will never charge any fees for cancellations, quotes, or payment plans, unless stated in a vacation/groups/wedding group/cruise group contract through any supplier.

*All Travel, Car Rentals, Rentals, Hotels, Homes, Condos, Airfare, Vacation and Cruises- If any names changes, birth dates, or anything needs to be changed on your airfare or cruise etc., such as dates or times, you will be charged by the suppliers/airline.Check your documents and booking over within first 24 hours.
Wild Fun Travel is not responsible for lost luggage, Airline Customer Service, Airline cancellations, Hotel cancellations,
Hotel Changes, Hotel Customer Service, and or any change the airline, and or cruise lines make such as- Flight schedule changes, port changes etc.

If you have an emergency please text us at
An emergency example they cannot find your reservations for a car rental or hotel even with your documents.
Someone in your party has had a medical emergency such an accident, and or death.

Our business hours are Monday -Friday 12:00 PM-8:00 PM Closed Saturday and Sunday
If this is not an emergency we will charge you $50.00.

We have offered insurance for a good reason.

Please read your cruise contracts and or vacation contracts in quotes, and or when you receive them
Cruises Only -After booking and we will send you an email to remind you to sign up so you can look at your contract and sign when checking in.

*Cruise Lines Suppliers may charge of up to $9 per person per day may be charged if the NYMEX oil price exceeds $70 per barrel.
**This can vary with each cruise line.

Main# 253-254-8238

If you have any questions, Please Call or Email us!-

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