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Extreme Science Kid is proud to call you Extreme Science family. We will have so much fun exploring  and learning new things together. We welcome you to Extreme Science Kid and hope you have an amazing time learning and exploring education and careers in S.T.E.M. with us.
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The three events below are free for your young explorer. Will you be attending? They are all on Friday early afternoon. Please select the events your young explorer will attend. *
Lunch tickets are available for your young explorer. Extreme Science will provide your young explorer with a cheeseburger, hot dog, juice, water, and snack for a discounted ticket price of $5.00  Would you like to purchase a lunch ticket? Please select an event. *
Popcorn, slushies, cotton candy will be provided and children will use weekly Extreme Science kids rewards to purchase items for free. So I will ensure my child completes the weekly assignments to earn his or her free wrist band for snacks. We will also attend the events below so please have a wristband for my child. *
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On July 9th Extreme Science will host an amazing S.T.E.M. development conference for children. We will have so much fun. Tickets are $45.00 and include a lunch buffet, custom lab coat, goggles, journal, pens, lanyards, and raffles. Children will participate in amazing activities, experiments and team build with friends. Parents are free to observe and supervise. Space is limited.  Do you plan on participating? *
I have questions. I will email Renee@extremesciencekid.com, call or text Renee at 413-507-6827, or go to the website to purchase items at www.extremesciencekid.com  *
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