NOISIA Demo Drop
Welcome to our demo drop! Here you can upload your demos for VISION, DIVISION, INVISIBLE Recordings and NOISIA Radio. Please upload your track to SoundCloud if you haven't already.

A few basic guidelines to follow:
- For label demos, please make sure the track hasn't been made public anywhere yet.
- Use Soundcloud's 'share' function to get the private URL. The one in your browser does not work.
- Double check if the download option is enabled or else we won't be able to listen to it.
- Do not resend tracks that are already submitted.
- Make sure you supply us with a valid e-mail address.
- Only submit files that are in MP3 format. No WAVs.

Unfortunately, we can not give you feedback on tracks as we get hundreds each month.
Please bare with us while we find time to listen to your submission in between our busy schedules.

If we like what we hear, we will be in touch via the e-mail address you provide us.

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