Kanuni Tribe Questionnaire
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What appeals to you about joining the Kanuini Tribe?   *
What would you like to get out of joining our organization? *
How do you feel about the current state of Black America? *
How do you culturally identify yourself? *
Why is cultural awareness important for Black people? *
How and when did you become culturally aware? *
Are you open to doing collective and individual study of culturally relevant materials? *
Name the organizations, fraternities, and or sororities you belong to in the last 5 to 10 years (past or present)? *
What role did you play and how long were you involved in the organization listed above? Why did you leave the organizations listed above? *
What type of skillsets do you have that will help us to bring cultural awareness to our community? Check all that apply *
What are your hobbies? *
What is your present occupation or how do you spend your time during the day? *
Do you work best alone or with a group? *
Are you open to praise and constructive criticism? If so, please give examples. *
Are you available to attend biweekly meetings? *
How much time are you willing to commit to the Kanuni Tribe and the betterment of our people? *
Are you open to paying organizational dues once a month? Our monthly dues covers: Guest speakers/cover room & board Development of information packets/folders Flyers/pluggers Logistics/building rentals/stage-equipment rentals for events Photocopies of paperwork Food for events Relationship building expenses Fees and licensing *
Are you open to collaborating with other community groups? *
Are you familiar with C.A.I.D.S.? If so, please explain. *
Are you best at short-term goals or long-term goals? Explain why. *
Are you ready to be the change you want to see in our community? *
What else would you like to tell us about yourself?
What else would you like to tell us about yourself?
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