Team Fit Possible Coach Application
Hey there!! I am so happy that you wanted to apply to join our Team Fit Possible coaching team! Coaching has absolutely changed my life. So i am so excited to pass the opportunity on to everyone!

I am looking to fill my monthly new coach mentorship. I can only accpet 10 new coaches a month. This helps me to be able to really work with you 1:1 and guide you to getting started right.

I have been a coach now for 4 years. During these 4 years i have learned so much about health and fitness, about myself and about helping others. It's been an absolutely blessing to make my full time job helping people change their lives through health and fitness. It's the most rewarding job i have ever had! I am a Star Diamond Coach ranked in the top 1% out of 400,000 others! Our team believes that Together Everyone Achieves More and we ALWAYS put fitness first.

I am excited to get to know YOU and why YOU want to be a coach on my team! Please fill out this short application and then we can chat and help you get started to helping people, helping yourself and doing something more with your life!

xo Jennifer

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