Structures of Life
These questions are based on the NIH booklet, Structures of Life.

Take this seriously. It is in some ways summative of much we have learned, and goes beyond.

Once upon a time I had physical copies of the booklet. In color. I lent them to another teacher. They are gone. You have to read the booklet online.
The link to the booklet is next to the link that got you this form.

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Start reading on page iv
1] What determines the properties of molecules?
2] What kind of scientists work on structural biology
Chapter 1
3] Silk fibers are made of
4] Antibodies are made of
5] Proteins are made of chains of
6] What type of molecule helps proteins fold?
7] DNA polymerase is shaped like
8] Collagen is shaped like
9] Antibodies are shaped like
Small errors can cause disease
10] How many errors in the gene for hemoglobin cause sickle cell disease?
11] Cystic fibrosis is caused by a mis-folded protein. The protein is a channel that normally allows what ion through the membrane of cells?
12] The corkscrew shaped secondary structure of proteins is called
13] The flattened strip shaped secondary structure of protein is called
14] Which of these diseases is thought to be caused by a mis-folded protein?
15 Each of us has _____ of different proteins in our cells.
16] Nerve toxins can be found in the venom of (a) crazed science teachers; (b) puffer fish (c) cobras (d) scorpions (e) sea snails
17] Some jellyfish produce a protein that leaves a _______ light.
18] The outer surface of your skin is made of
19] Looking at the picture at the bottom of page 10, that protein has a great deal of
20] Looking at the picture at the bottom of page 11, that protein has a great deal of
21] How many different DNA nucleotides are there?
22] How many different RNA nucleotides are there?
23] Transcription involves reading the DNA and writing
24] How many DNA bases correspond to 1 RNA base in transcription
25] How many RNA bases correspond to 1 amino acid in translation?
Using the genetic code table of pages 12 & 13, along with the information associated with the table-
26] What would be the RNA sequence that would be transcribed from the following sequence of DNA? TACAGAGGAATACGCATC
27] What would be the amino acid sequence that would be transcribed from the RNA in question 26?
28] How many possible triplets are there for lysine?
29] How many possible triplets are there for serine?
30] How many possible stop codons are there?
31] How many possible codons are there for phenylalanine
32] How many possible codes are there for tryptophan?
Turn to page 20-21
33 A protein is approximately ____ the size of a water molecule?
34] A cell is approximately _____ the size of a water molecule.
35] X-rays have wavelengths ____ than infrared light.
36] Radiowaves are ____ than visible light.
Turn to page 23
37] Ribosomes make
Turn to page 33-35
38] Which of these can effect a proteins folding
39] Myoglobin stores _____ in muscle tissue.
40] Brazzein, a protein, is _____ time sweeter than sugar.
Turn to page 52
41] Myosin filaments slide across _____ filaments in muscle movement.
42] Looking at the picture on page 54, the purple section of the protein is mostly
If you have finished the questions related to the booklet your are free to read more in the booklet (the part on drug design is particularly interesting).
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