AromaSounds / Vibrational Raindrop & Raindrop Harmonics Tools Order Form for 2021 Classes
Class : Malaysia Jan 2021
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Tools for Planetary VRT class:
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Tools for Body Systems VRT:
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Neuro Endocrine Centres & Auricular
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Chromatic Raindrop Harmonics
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Bible Oils VRT
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Facial Beauty Harmonics - Tuning Forks
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Facial Beauty Harmonics - ColourLights
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Jasmine will get in touch with you and will coordinate payment, shipping/pick up. I am pleased to offer 5% discount on the total purchase (which was not advertised on my website). Please be advised that prices are listed in USD, they are subjected to change rates, taxes or shipping fees. If you have special comment or request, please list below
Will you or someone you know going to Grand Convention in Utah? I can perhaps co-ordinate pick up from there.
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