2017 Anime Dating Game Application
1. All costumes must abide by NashiCon’s rules and regulations.
2. All participants must drop by the panel room 30 minutes ahead of time for a quick debriefing.
3. All participants must be at least of 16 years of age by the time of NashiCon. If you are requesting to participate in the 18+ show you need to be 18 years or older.
4.Participants must be in cosplay.
5. Participants must be a registered attendee of NashiCon.
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Date of Birth *
You must be 16 years or older by NashiCon to participate. If you are requesting to be a part of the 18+ show, you need to be 18 years of age and show your ID before the show.
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Name of Your Character *
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Tell me about your character! *
Do they like long walks in the beach or stabbing things for a hobby?
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Give me your character's best pickup line! *
The catch all phrase to get anyone to go on a date
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Requested Show Participation
This year we are holding a tame version earlier in the day and a 18+ show in the evening. You will need to be 18 years of age by the day of the show in order to participate in the 18+ show. If you are okay with being in either show just check both boxes. You will only be requested for one show.
Photos of your cosplay
These can be links posted from Photobucket, DeviantArt, Facebook, Instagram, that old crappy photo site nobody remembers, etc. These are not required if your costume is still WIP, but it is required to wear the day of to participant.
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