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The Graduate Student at CSU and the Graduate School are pleased to announce our call for Travel Award applications. These awards provide full or partial funding for conference travel-related expenses. The award is open to all graduate students who will be presenting their work at a conference.

Awards are give at different Tiers:
Tier 1: 10 awards of $250 each (per quarter)
Tier 2: 3 awards of $500 each (per quarter)
Tier 3: 1 award of $1000 (per quarter)
Tier 4: 2 awards of $2000 each (1 per semester)

Please fill out the following application in order to be considered for the Travel Award. The deadline for the second quarter call for applications is December 14, 2018 at 5 PM MST.

If you have any questions, please contact and good luck!

Name *
Department *
Email *
Please provide the department or program account number (it must be a 13- account) to which the funds can be transferred.
Name of the Conference *
The applicant must plan to attend a conference that falls within the current application quarter. Please mark the quarter in which the conference is taking place: *
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Will you be... *
For which level of award are you applying? *
Please describe what knowledge, experience, or artifacts you plan to bring from CSU to the conference (max 1500 characters) *
Please describe what knowledge, experience, or artifacts you plan to bring back to CSU from the conference (max 1500 characters) *
Please list any volunteer experiences (on-campus or in the FoCo Community and explicitly non-paid positions) (max 1500 characters) *
If you are applying for any award above $250, please provide details on what the money will be spent on, were the remainder of travel support will come from, and why you specifically want to attend the conference. (If only applying for $250, enter N/A) *
Please use this space to provide any additional information you feel is pertinent for the grading committee to know
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