Meeting Room & Event Space Request at the Center for Social Change
Thank you for choosing the Center for Social Change to host your upcoming event. If you haven't already, please visit our website at to review specifications and pricing of our rooms before you fill out this form. C4SC staff will review your request and respond within 24 hours regarding availability. When you are ready to confirm the reservation, you will be asked to return a deposit and sign our C4SC Meeting Room and Event Space Agreement.
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Will alcoholic beverages be brought in and served by your organization? If so, please purchase liquor liability insurance and abide by City of Miami liquor requirements.
Depending on the type of event, the Center can help promote your event through our social media. Do you need the Center to promote the event, in addition to your own promotion efforts? *
We appreciate when our customers promote our space! Do you agree to tag us on Facebook and other social media outlets before/during and after your event? *
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C4SC staff will contact you within 24 hours with pricing and availability. If you need more immediate assistance, please contact
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