Kulanu Overseas Volunteer Application Form
This form is for applicants who wish to serve in one of Kulanu's partner communities for a month or more. If it seems appropriate, Kulanu matches candidates with communities who can accommodate them and make good use of their volunteer help. Volunteers pay their own expenses for travel, visas, innoculations, room, meals, and phone or internet.
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Please note 1) Volunteers who arrange placements through Kulanu are responsible for their own expenses, including travel, room, board, medical expenses, local transportation, and other costs. Some volunteers raise funds from friends or family to support their volunteer work. 2) You will travel as an independent agent, and Kulanu will not have responsibility for your program or your safety. Kulanu helps the volunteer make connections with a community, but Kulanu does not provide direct supervision, counseling, or other direct support for volunteers. We require each volunteer to sign our "waiver for travelers" agreement before his/her plan is finalized. Please see a copy here: https://kulanu.org/wp-content/uploads/Waiver-for-Travelers.pdf. Your electronic signature confirms that you understand and agree to these notes. ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE: (type your name) *
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