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This Math Online is a learning system that provides a complete curriculum for ages 8-13. The digital practice includes games, problems, and puzzles divided into chapters and units that follow the same sequence found in the book series.

This Math Online provides over 15,000 problems across over 800 lessons, including word problems, interactive puzzles, and skill drill games. Students get immediate feedback when they complete problems, and full solutions are provided for every problem. This math online includes hundreds of interactive mathematical puzzles designed by World Puzzle Champion and provide engaging review throughout the curriculum, plus hundreds more can be played in the dedicated Puzzle Lab.

This Math Online also includes complete versions of the richly-illustrated e-Guide books, allowing students to explore the books at their leisure or to jump straight to relevant sections of the Guides while practicing their skills

Start Date:
May 17th, 2020

$46-$65 per year based on the numbers of Students

Fee Covers:
Unlimited access to:
A comprehensive online curriculum for ages 8-13 with over 800 lessons.
Over 15,000 problems including puzzles, games, word problems, and skill drills.
Over 700 videos tied directly to our lessons to provide exceptional instruction.
Digital versions of the Guide books for ages 8-13.
In-depth reporting on student progress and activity.
Provide (1) teacher account (for free) for every (5) students you enroll.

Payment by Paypal : Please pay as friend to ( Do not pay until we have a numbers of students enroll on May 2nd and payment deadline is on May 8th)

Please Contact Amy at 240-481-3382 or email at if you have any question.
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