Application Form: Initial Membership of Sone Ki Chidiya Federation
SKC Federation invites ALL Indians who wish to make India a Sone Ki Chidiya again, to join as members. There is (currently) no membership fee, only a requirement to agree broadly with a draft Agenda (available at Together, we can change India. The objective is to run a Total Reform Movement, not a movement that deals only with one or two issues: but a movement that deals with systemic reform. [Please note that the name and city of all SKCF members will be published, as endorsers of the SKC agenda, here:]
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This is mandatory. Both individual applicants and nominee/s of organisation should complete this
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For individual applicants: Citizenship status
Only the categories listed below are eligible to apply for individual membership
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For individual applicants: Age
For organisational applicants: Name of organisation
For organisational applicants: Type of organisation
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For organisational applicants: Number of years your organisation has been registered
Summary about yourself or your organisation *
Describe your key achievements and reform/welfare activities in 40 to 200 words
For organisational applicants: Approximate number of members
This can be approximate, in the nearest 100 or 1000 (as applicable).
Optional - expression of interest in joining various committees
Please tick as many of the following organisational and policy committees that you wish to be part of
For organisational applicants: Profile of average member
Please outline the average qualifications of members, their place of residence, and any other average feature or quality that can distinguish your members from those of other organisations
Do you (or your organisation) agree broadly with the draft agenda of SKC Federation? *
The draft agenda is available at : Broad agreement is mandatory in order to join the Federation.
For organisational applicants: Has your Board/ Governing Body passed an appropriate resolution to join SKC Federation?
An organisation seeking membership must resolve to: (1) Seek to join SKC Federation, (2) Agree broadly with the draft agenda of the SKC Federation and (3) Nominate one or two nominees to represent the organisation in the Federation.
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For organisational applicants: Have you sent a copy of the resolution to SKC Federation?
The organisation's official resolution (on official letterhead, with official seal and signature of Secretary/President/nominee) can be scanned and sent to Alternatively, a signed copy can be posted to the address provided under "Contact Us". Temporary membership may be allocated upon receipt of this application, but issue of formal membership records will require receipt of formal resolution (as described).ship will only be Receipt of the resolution is mandatory before organisational membership can be accepted.
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Contact phone number (s) including mobile numbers *
Include area code.
Contact email address(es)
Contact postal address *
Contact postal address (in India). If OCI/PIO please provide your full foreign address.
Blog / Website / Linkedin page/ Facebook page/ Twitter handle, etc.
Declaration *
I/We hereby express an interest in joining the SKC Federation to make India a Sone Ki Chidiya once again. The required particulars furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that this membership is initial membership, and that I/my organisation will not be necessarily entitled to an Initial Board position. According to Rule 18, "The Initial Board will continue till a (Regular, elected) Board is established (but not later than April 2014)". I also understand that I shall initially not pay any fee, but when systems are established, fee is payable (Rule 48 states that "Till Membership Bye-laws and systems to receive fees are established or till 31 March 2014, whichever comes earlier, no fees will be charged"). I also understand that the decision of the Board of Directors of SKC Federation on my membership application is final.
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