Scholarship Application: Germany 2019
If you plan to use what you'll learn in the Heart of Sound training in service to your community, you're welcome to apply for a full or partial scholarship for the tuition portion of the course.

Scholarships will be granted on a funds-available basis to those who:
a) show great promise as a potential teacher of the yoga of sound practices
b) would not otherwise be able to afford the training
c) will be putting the training to good use especially in typically under-served or unique communities (i.e. hospice, refugee camps, inner city schools, prisons, etc.)

We assume that if you're reading this form that you've already read all of the curriculum and logistical details about the course and that you're already working through the prerequisite homework.

This scholarship applications must be accompanied by a completed registration form:
(Please use the same email address in this application as you use for the registration form above.)

Sincere inquiries only, please. To encourage this we request that any scholarship recipients agree to pay for the course in full if they fail to complete the course requirements within a reasonable, agreed-upon timeline.

Applications will be responded to on or before May 1, 2019.

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Why are you requesting a scholarship? *
I've already completed the detailed registration form and given my training history, profession, and other details on how I plan to use this training. *
If I'm granted a full or partial scholarship, I agree to pay for the course in full (or remaining balance) if I fail to complete the course requirements within a reasonable, agreed-upon timeline. *
I understand that my travel, lodging, food, and other expenses are my own responsibility. *
I understand that someone from the Germany Heart of Sound team will contact me on or before May 1, 2019 with a response to my application. *
Is there anything else we should know? Thank you!
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