Pantego Farmer's Market Pie Baking Competition
Do you have the best pie in town? Savory or sweet, you could win $100 for bringing your pie to our pie baking competition July 27th at New Main Brewing. The competition will be held between 3-5PM. We will have tasters and competitors. Competitors must bring 3 pies. 2 for tasting and one for auctioning. Entry for tasting or competing is $10 and goes to support the market through Arlington Foodies Nonprofit Co.
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Home Chef Baking Rules and Regulations
CONTESTANT – A contestant is any individual or group that is part of the Arlington Foodies or a farmer's market participator that will prepare and cook an entry for the purpose of being judged. The contest organizer may not cook in any category in this contest. Contestant will be referred to as “Baker”.

INTERPRETATION of RULES – The interpretation of the rules and regulations are those of the contest organizer and his or her decisions are final.

REFUND OF ENTRY FEES – A requested donation of $10.00 may be submitted in advance via paypal at with comments (taster or competitors)with the email address or donated the day off at check in.

EQUIPMENT – Each Baker will supply all of the equipment necessary for the presentation of their baked items, including plate ware or platters. The health and safety of contestants, judges and spectators should be a primary consideration when offering baked items. PIES MUST BE PRECOOKED UPON ARRIVAL.

MEAT – We ask that no Pork products be used in the creation of your baked items as some religious sects do not eat this item. Pies using meat, must stay in a heated environment and served at a temperature abve 140 degrees.

CONTESTANT’S SITE – Each Baker is required to keep all items contained within assigned space.

CLEANLINESS AND SANITATION – All Bakers are expected to maintain their area in an orderly and clean manner and to use good sanitary practices during the preparation, handling and judging process. The use of sanitary gloves is required at all times while handling food. Failure to use sanitary gloves may result in disqualification. Bakers are responsible for cleanup of their site once the competition has ended. All federal, state and local food safety rules and regulations must be adhered to at all times.

CATEGORY – Only one umbrella category is included for this competition: Pies – Bakers may bring any baked goods made any way you choose, judging of flavor is only based one dessert, but dessert accents could have an edge for presentation points (with enough for 20 judges to TASTE (counts twice) and 1 presentation plate).

JUDGING – Entries will be submitted in the containers supplied by contestant at check in by the Baker. NO GARNISH. Only the entry to be judged is allowed in the container. Each entry will be judged on APPEARANCE, TASTE (counts twice), PREPARATION, PRESENTATION AND OVERALL IMPRESSION.

SCORING – Each entry will be scored by no more than 20 judges in the areas of APPEARANCE, TASTE (counts twice), PREPARATION, PRESENTATION AND OVERALL IMPRESSION. Scoring ranges from a low of 1 to a high of 5 with total tally the final result per Baker. Any entry that is disqualified as per SECTION 11 will receive a score of zero for all four categories from all judges at the table. BAKER WITH THE LOWEST SCORE WINS. IN THE EVENT OF A TIE IT WILL BE MAJORITY JUDGE'S CHOICE BETWEEN TWO TIED PARTIES.

DISQUALIFICATION – An entry can be disqualified by the event organizer only. An entry can be disqualified for any of the following reasons: a. If there is anything foreign other than intended baked ingredients in container submitted for judging b. The entry is turned in after the officially designated time (No later than 2:45PM) c. Gloves are not used while handling food products d. Not cooking the baked item that was inspected e. There is evidence of raw dough such that the egg is raw and the dough is runny.

PREP TIME – Bakers should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the Start time of 3PM to check in and unload items. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED BY 2:45PM OR YOUR SLOT GOES TO AN ALTERNATE.

TURN IN TIMES – Set up for this event begins at 2:30PM and ends at 5PM, and judging begins promptly at 3:00PM. The Auction will take during the taste testing, simultaneously. PLEASE ARRIVE BY 2:45PM!!!

JUDGING PROCEDURE – The Baker will stand by their entrees at their table for inspection by an Arlington Foodies Representative. The Baker will bring their top choice to the their table and set it by their corresponding number. The judges will then score each entry for APPEARANCE, TASTE (counts twice), PREPARATION, PRESENTATION AND OVERALL IMPRESSION. The event organizer makes sure that all scores are recorded in the proper place. Once all entrees have been TASTE (counts twice)d, Bakers may complete their cleanup and break down process of all items except the presentation entree. The event organizer will then collect the judging slips.

WINNERS –ARLINGTON FOODIES PIE BAKE-OFF GRAND CHAMPION title will be awarded to the Baker with the most total points and shall be declared the 1st place award winner FOR THE 2019 Category of Pies. One prize ONLY will be awarded $100 and an award. In the event of a tie, Judges will review both entrees again and decide together the top choice.

Bakers may not sell any food items, but are welcome to share samples among the crowd of spectators.
Do you Agree to the rules and Regulations for an Arlington Foodies Home Chef as written above? *
Indemnity Acknowledgement
It is my wish to participate in the Arlington Foodies Home Chef Pie Baking Competition being held on Saturday, July 27th, 2019 at New Main Brewing Co.’s Arlington Foodies Farmer’s Market. I understand, appreciate and acknowledge that property damage and injuries may occur at such events. I fully assume the risk of such property damage and injuries and I participate in this voluntarily and with my full knowledge of the inherent risks.
I hereby waive and release any and all rights that either my heirs, successors and assigns or I may have against Arlington Foodies and Arlington Foodies Farmer’s Market, their agents, servants and/or employees and volunteers, arising from my participation in this event, including but not limited to property damage and injuries. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless all of the foregoing from any claim which may be made by me or on behalf of me by third parties which might be made against me by others, arising from my participation in the foregoing event.
This waiver shall remain valid and may not be unilaterally rescinded by the participant. Clicking I agree to the question below this form by the participant and virtual signature equates agreement to this acknowledgement, which is 18 years of age or older or underage contestant and their guardian. Any underage contestant must be accompanied by their guardian for the entire competition. In addition to the release and waiver of liability, signing this form acknowledges that you have read and fully understand the Arlington Foodies Home Chef Baking Rules and Regulations.
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