What does your school offer its students?
Boston students should be able to get a quality education in BPS no matter what school they attend. That idea is rapidly gaining support.

At a recent School Committee retreat, member Jeri Robinson had this to say:

“I always get nervous when I hear you talk about those 'hard choices' that school leaders are making because those hard choices often end up in things that our kids don't get that they need. … I feel that's part of our reasons that we have opportunity and achievement gaps. … One school deciding on a library, and another school deciding not to have a librarian, makes a big difference for those kids.”

How far is BPS from reaching the goal of offering a quality education at every school?

To find out, we need to know what the schools offer today. Unfortunately, there’s no publicly available list.

We think the best way to get an accurate picture of BPS schools is to ask parents, teachers, and students. Please help us by filling out this questionnaire. Besides yes/no questions, there’s room for comments, too.

Thanks for your help!

BuildBPS Stakeholders
A coalition of groups focused on facilities and programatic equity in the BuildBPS plan
What school are you answering for? If you have children at more than one school, please fill out the survey for one, submit your answer, and fill it out again for the other(s). *
Facilities: Does your school have... (Please check all that apply. Leave blank if you don't know.)
Staffing: Does your school have... (Please check all that apply. Leave blank if you don't know.)
Does your school have...
If you know, is this position funded by the district?
Or is it funded by fundraising/partnership?
Art teacher
Music teacher
Guidance counselor
Social worker
Family liaison
Physical education teacher
(If you know:) Are any of these slated to be eliminated in the budget proposed for next year?
Yes, provided by BPS
Yes, provided by private fundraising or a partner
Yes, but I don't know how it's funded
Does your school have free or low-cost after-school programming?
Clear selection
For high schools: Does your school offer Advanced Placement courses? If so, how many?
If you want to say more about any of your answers so far, please write it here.
Are the students' bathrooms clean?
Clear selection
Are the bathrooms in good repair?
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What facilities or programs is your school missing that you feel it should have, besides those we've listed?
In your opinion, is your school safe enough for students and staff to return to?
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If not, what's its biggest problem?
OPTIONAL: (If you leave us your contact information, we may call you to follow-up. We will not release your personal information without your permission.) What is your name?
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