Tastewine Questionnaire
Let's get you thinking about what you like.
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What would you normally choose to drink on a night out with friends? (Could be different for different events).
When you drink wine what do you prefer?
What hot drink do you prefer first thing in the morning?
How spicy do you like your food?
Gentle as a lamb
Eye wateringly searing
Sweet tooth?
Just a smidge say half a teaspoon in a hot drink..
Cadbury creme egg sweet ie: pure white sugar
Would you say you were adventurous with food?
I know what works for me why change now?
OMG what's that? looks disgusting, I'll give it a go.
Which cheeses are your "go tos?"
If you eat meat, which is the biggest treat?
If not meat what's your "other"?
Do you eat Kai Moana?
Fruits and Vege: here are some options, tick as many as suit
Something Sweet? What would you order?
What is one thing you always wanted to know about wine?
Holiday destination?
How do you keep fit? Choose the closest style of work out.
If I was an extreme sport I would be....
If I was to buy you flowers what would you hope I got you?
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