AFHS Choir Fundraiser - BYU Concessions
We hope that this will be a helpful way for your student to earn some money to go towards their choir tour. Please fill this out for each person in your family that would like to be able to work concessions and earn credit towards your student's tour. Each person working from your family will earn credit for your student.

Regarding age and dress, this is what is mandated by BYU:

Age: If the volunteer appears younger than 14 years old, BYU has the right to require that the individual provide proof of their age through a school ID card or other documents.

Dress - All Volunteers must wear a plain white shirt with no logos or markings, navy or black slacks, and closed toed/ closed heeled traction-treaded shoes. Slacks must not be holey or frayed at the end and must be no shorter than to the ankle.

More information regarding the fundraiser can be found here:
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Additional comments or questions? If interested in being a dedicated money person or cooking lead please leave a comment here.
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